Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Woman Sexuality Pinup Blog

~2013 Pinup & Erotic Art Showcase American Freedom of Sexuality & Feminine Beauty~

Our first blog of the year HAD to be something different than winter, so we thought up last month we were going to do this RIGHT and do this blog in honor of American independance and freedom of sexuality and feminine beauty with a selection of 20 artists/designers/product creators including a Al Rio Tribute of one of this latest Bettie Page! 4 Categories, 5 designers artist in each category! Enjoy and please share with your friends if you were featured in this blog!

~Original Photography & Manipulation Pinup Inspired~

A modern twist to the classic pinup girls, these photographers went the extra mile in bringing classic beauty and historical influence through their art on products, some using models, 1 using outstanding photography manipulation. Enjoy!

Tuxedo lady postcards
Tuxedo lady postcards by MissJuicySweetheart
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~Original Art Vintage Inspired Erotica & Pinups~

First of all in honor of our first feature, Al Rio a beloved Zazzle member who has passed as of 2012. May he rest in peace, his artwork is an inspiration for all future comic book artists worldwide, he has touched our hearts, our hearts and our loins. RIP!!!

Zazzle has some amazing artists, here is some featured products with amazing artists.
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~Vintage Pinup & Erotica Products!~

Awesome selection of beautiful products hand picked by Sharon by 5 defferent designers. Congrats to those designers for either an innovative vintage mixed media or displaying these fine artists.

Vintage Gil Elvgren Pin Up Girl 2013 Calendar
Vintage Gil Elvgren Pin Up Girl 2013 Calendar by Biblioartgifts
Find other Vintage pinup girls Calendars at

Hot Pinup Girl Coupon Binder
Hot Pinup Girl Coupon Binder by PinupSavings
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~Antique Erotica, Risque & Cabaret~

Stunning, classic finds hand picked by Sharon, these beauties are released and well matted by 5 Designers.

The Snake Charmer Mug
The Snake Charmer Mug by spyderfyngers
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Thats all folks!

Thank you all for coming out and seeing this blog, we would like to say thumbs up to all the designers of these products for making this a beautiful blog and for those just visiting....

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