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Happy 4th of July Historical and Patriotism Blog!

~2013 4th of July 20 Artist/Designer Feature & Historical Blog~

Time for our once in a year-time 4th of July Blog. Last year we were a standard blog, this year, its about the history!

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~History of 4th of July and the Revolutionary War~

Americans almost celebrated 4th of July on July 2nd, which was the predicted day according to John Adams that the Revolutionary War would end and was written and publicized on the Declaration of Independence  the actual date the resolution of Independence was improves and closed in Congress. Historians have disputed, too, whether the Congress signed the Declaration of the 4th of the 2nd.  In fact, they later disputed that the Declaration was signed a month later.

Since, by remarkable coincidence, both John Adams & Jefferson died on July 4th which was the 50th anniversary of the Declaration. So it was already set in stone by the time another founding father died on July 4th, so it being apparent that the disputed day remain July 4th!

Revolutionary war pic, click pic for website ref.

As you already know, the Revolution the the legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain with the 2nd Continental Congress voted to approve Independence that had been proposed by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. 

The British had insisted, as well as in France and during the Indian wars, and other countries during England's world war of power, to TAX colonists to finance the colonies' military defense. The people spoke and declared taxation without representation was illegal.

Well through to the Boston Tea Party incident in 1773, the locals were not happy with British rules and taxation. The came the Congress of declared traitors by royal decree, responding with a blow to declare Independence from England. 

France, Spain the Dutch extended help and ships to General George Washington and because of Jamestown and France ships blocking England from getting home for supplies, the American and French fleets drove the English. This war lasted more than a decade and influenced Quebec, French and Spain revolutionists.

Battle of Quebec  - Revolutionary war for ref

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~4th of July and Patriotic Celebrations~

Actually, they started in New England on the night before 4th of July,  towns would gather together, assembled from hogsheads and barrels and casks. The most celebrated was in Salem Massachusetts with massive bonfires, very Pagan like rituals ensued. The custom flourished in the 19th and 20th centuries and is still practiced in many towns in New England. 

Can you imagine singing during fireworks every time they go off? 

Well in the old days, 4th of July firework celebrations were accompanied with national Patriotic songs such as "America the Beautiful" and "My Country 'Tis of Thee" and in the south "Dixie".  Overtime into the 40's, 4th of July televised celebrations, cook outs, block parties and gatherings for fireworks have become an everyday thing in the USA. for ref.

The Oldest known celebration was first held in 1785, the Bristol Fourth of July Parade in Bristol, Rhode Island and continues to be the oldest celebration dedicated to Independence Day and is named "America's most Patriotic town", giving an annual parade, contest and celebration.

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Vintage Patriotic Bear Keychain
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~Fireworks Historical & Patriotic~

Fireworks Over the Port by Ferdinand Du Puigaudeau 1864-1930

Fireworks were first used for different events, in fact, in China in the 7th Century. They were used to accompany many festivals and quickly spread to other parts of China including the Spring Festival (Chinese New year) and Mid Autumn Festival.
When did fireworks become a big part of our 4th of July celebration, though? 

In 1778, General George Washington started it off with a bang with thirteen gunshots once in the morning and once at night and later became 13 speeches, prayers, music and parades to represent the 13 joined colonies. It wasn't until 1789 during Washington's inauguration that a full fireworks display was held during 4th of July celebrations. 

Fireworks were not a new thing to the Americas though, the earliest settlers brought their fascination with fireworks along the journey to America and were throwing fireworks celebrations long before the revolutionary war.

That's some history and facts about fireworks! Now for 5 FAB fireworks for 4th of July inspired products from fantastic Zazzle designers. Enjoy!


~The Many Flags of America~

Instead of giving you History on the American flag, why not delve into Early Americans and the flag waving trend!

US 13 Star Flag Preserved from War.

In 1777, the first "Flag Act" was passed to resolve that for the 13 states, there be thirteen alternating stripes with a union of 13 stars in a field of blue. There were debates over the number 15 because of Vermont & Kentucky adding to the Union, but remained as of 1818, 13 stars and stripes for the original 13 Colonies and was official as of 4th of July. 

Then, as of the 1950's, Eisenhower appointed that the flag be redesigned to accept the 50 states and appointed Robert G. Heft to design the new flag we see today. He was only 17 years old at the time and it was treated as a school project. 

34 Star Flag of the US.

Eventually the flag incorporated 34, then 45, 47 & 48 & 50 and finally 52 as of our last two states. There have been many designs made and some specially flown in our Navy for the last 2 centuries.

For centuries up until then, and still today, there were specific rules on how it was to be hung and represented by commercial and residential buildings and flag makers and retailers had to have their designs meet specific guide lines before distributions. 

The first Distribution of flags, though were between the North and the South during the Civil War to get people on either side and were made at home by their wives. From then, till today, we still revere the 50 star, 13 striped flag as the Official United States flag!

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