Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Fling Art & Design!

For the month of March I am showcasing art and design as the main idea! These products stood out the most to us in specific catagories! I have picked 5 Spring Themes with 4 Artists/Designers in each Sectional. Hope you enjoy and please make sure to show your friends! Congrats to all that have been chosen!

Taking in the Scenery

These candiates were chosen based on Best Scenic or Subject Photography that catch the Season at play or catch season-like photography with Spring elements. I chose based on Vibrancy and mixed up the numerous Zazzle products. 2 are NEW and 2 are based on popularity!

Garden Waterfall binder
Garden Waterfall by scotthovind
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Drawing on the Spring Feelin'!
These candiates were picked based on handdrawn, handpainted or digitally rendered. 2 Are NEW and 2 are based on popularity, look and vibrancy that SCREAM Spring!










Spring time kitchentowel
Spring time by Gnoppoletta
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Splash of Spring Goodness!
These candidates were picked purely on graphic collages, designs and arts. Mixed media is getting way popular and these products and designers would be great for looking into even off Spring! You graphical geniuses deserve a thumbs up but instead I indluded you in this colorful showcase. BRAVO!














I Dream of Spring!
This sectional is especially for Imaginative artists that use Spring elemants in abstract form, pop art or in surreal peices. These products are not only beautiful, but are expressed in only a way that they can, whether watercolor or acrylic or even digitally manipulated these artists/designers made one heck of a springy product!














Spring is for the Birds!
For our final theme, Spring birds! We picked 4 birds that are spotted during Spring based on popularity and beauty. Here we could showcase just about any medium with the the bird as the feature. Enjoy!














Okey, readers and candidates chosen, make sure you share on Facebook and/or twitter if you are featured, show yourself off! Those who come in to see feel free to leave a comment! Come back next month for 20 more featured artists and thank you for your interest!
Oh, and dont forget to zazzle!

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