Monday, October 14, 2013

Hallow Spooky 2013 Zazzle Promotions - 20 Designers!

~Hallow Spooky 2013 20 Designer Showcase~

Just a short sweet blog to showcase 20 outstanding designs, introducing NEW Zazzle product conversions, Unique customizable gift ideas including Jelly Belly Candy Tins and Leggings! Make sure to share and spread the word and although you might now get any of these products by Halloween, FAN up to these stores, create a Zazzle account and watch over the year for more Halloween and Holiday goodies they have to offer. Most of these stores offer a large selection of unique products for Weddings, Seasons, Showers and more! 

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Thank you for coming out and Congrats on all of your designs!

Halloween Ghosts wall decal
Halloween Ghosts wall decal by DoodlesHolidayGifts
View Halloween Wall Decals online at zazzle

Personalized Halloween Treat Bag
Personalized Halloween Treat Bag by reflections06
Shop for Halloween Bags online at

Boo Sticker
Boo Sticker by Jaenne
Look at other Black Stickers at

Haunted House Halloween Clock
Haunted House Halloween Clock by Stuccoloco
Shop for additional Wall Clocks at Zazzle

Cute Zombie Halloween Plates
Cute Zombie Halloween Plates by Westerngirl2
Browse Halloween Plates online at

Thats all folks!

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