Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Beaches Art & Design

This month I have constructed a 20 product artist and design blog showing off those COOL Summery Zazzle products! 


Working at Zazzle, we get the appreciation of knowing that other artists and designers not only enjoy making Zazzle products but make sure you enjoy them as well with high quality, from the heart photograhy and design!

We hope you appreciate the other Zazzle artists as much as we do. All products featured and NEW and some artists are brand NEW at Zazzle, but not brand new with art! We have 5 photographers plus 1 designer using photography! We also made sure to include those lovible cute products from folk artists at Zazzle!

Dragonfly Summer "Beauty of the Dragonfly"
Nothing says summer like the appearence of that lovible bug, the dragonfly. These artists we feel out of all NEW products nailed that whimsical folk feeling with these unique products. Please feel free to share with your friends if you have been featured in this lineup!








"Too Cute Summer" Artists & Designers Products

We have chosen 5 of the cutest NEW Zazzle products with NEW Zazzle design! Not only are these just TOO CUTE, these are wonderful summer products to purchase for Kids on Vacation or during that roadtrip! And dont forget to deck up that Iphone! Please feel free to share these designs and make sure to stop by these artist's shops this summer to see whats new with them!



Summers by the Shore - Birthday Card zazzle_card
Summers by the Shore - Birthday Card by DudaDaze
Look at more cards from Zazzle.




"On the Beach" Great Vacation Products to take on the go!
Vacationing soon? What a better time to purchase some stuff for that day out on the beach! We picked 5 NEW designs on NEW products best for waterproof beach situations plus on the trip to the next beach getaway! Please share these designers and make sure to check thier Zazzle stores for the next time you go on that getawaY!

Flip Flops rickshaw_flapsleeve
Flip Flops by pinkisboss
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Along the Waves Blue musicskins_skin
Along the Waves Blue by Skins2go
Shop for more iPhone accessories at zazzle.







"Summer Photography & Inspired" Beach/Island/ Summer Design
This is a special 5 NEW photography products list, some are BRAND NEW to Zazzle, but not NEW with Photography. Amazing eye catching products with Island & beach shots to die for! Make sure to check out these artists fine photography stores for your next purchase!

Cape Cod Blank Note Cards zazzle_card

Maui Sunset zazzle_speckcase
Maui Sunset by AndreaMesko
Design your own photo iPhone covers at


Sunrise at the Beach Postcard zazzle_postcard
Sunrise at the Beach Postcard by 825Photography
Make postcards online.


Black Sand Beach Maui, Hawaii Mouse Pad zazzle_mousepad
Black Sand Beach Maui, Hawaii Mouse Pad by PEphotos
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Palau, Rock Islands, Honeymoon Island, World zazzle_binder
Palau, Rock Islands, Honeymoon Island, World by danitadelimont
Design unique custom printed 3 ring binders online at Zazzle.


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Farewell till next month and......
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