Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spooky-Tacular Blog!

Welcome to Bohemian Bound Promo 2012 Spooky-Tacular Showcase!



Its that fun-loving, exciting time of year again! Here we have compiled some cool items to consider for you're Halloween events & gift giving!

We have picked 20 designs to pick from for Halloween with 4 different showcases, nearly ALL Halloween products are NEW, outstanding designs and not based on popularity! To all of the chosen zazzlers that came by, great job on all of your designs!

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"Come One Come All" Halloween Party Invites!"

5 Outstanding customizable Party Invites, if you havnt tryed Zazzle yet, they are about the best choice for making a one of a kind invite for your party in just about any Holiday, which 100's of templates to chose from. Heres 5 to start, from outstanding new products from Zazzle Graphic Desginers! Enjoy!










"Party Hard Zazzle Halloween Party Supplies!"

5 unique Party supplies that you can consider! have you heard the news? Zazzle now has custom cake toppers, plates, napkins & yardsigns for your party decorations & to use every year! Check out these 5 Party planning ideas today and don't forget to tell your friends!



Spooky Halloween 3 Plate
Spooky Halloween 3 Plate by Gatterwe
Create unique custom plates online at Zazzle.



haunted house halloween
haunted house halloween by CakeTopPhotoArtDarla
Shop for another Cake Pick at


"Spooky & Cute Halloween Themed Gifts"

Some awesome Halloween themed items at Zazzle right now, even electronics cases, pendants, butoons & T-shirts. These items we chose for you to really sink your teeth into (non pun intended) and again, please share these 5 items with your friends!










"Its About the Bag! Halloween Trick or Treat Bags."

Trick ot Treat Bags from Zazzle is like giving to the environment, you know? No plastic to clog mother earth, cloth, organic fabric choice and alot are customizable to your look and feel. Try out some of these 5 awesome trick or treat bag designs, all brand NEW from Zazzle very talented designers & artists! Enjoy!




halloween tote bags
halloween tote bags by milalala
Create your own photo tote bag from


Halloween Tote Bag
Halloween Tote Bag by TimeEchoArt
Shop for other tote bags online at




Thank you all for viewing, if you came because you were told about the feature, make sure to share with your Friends that you were featured at our blog, let others know of other great zazzle designers!

Zazzle is a great way to show the person that you gift you really think they rock, so make sure to check out Zazzle today, and if you would like a gift made from your own, there are 1'000 of products to choose from! For now, though, Happy Halloween and.....


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